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About the project

Dear Dimoprasia Users,

We wish you spending your time pleasantly and usefully at our auction project, getting only positive emotions and selling or buying necessary items profitably. Here, we would like to tell you about our project, and how you can profit from selling and buying at the internet auction.

Everybody knows that an auction is purchase and sale of goods and real estate at most profitable prices. From the very beginning, we planned this project as an optimal mix of principles and advantages of the Scandinavian auction and the regular one. Then we decided that the best and most convenient option for our users will be an on-line auction-shop. Only at this auctioning website you can directly buy or sell various items and real estate in Cyprus. This is a unique and innovative project that gives you an opportunity to sell at best or buy anything you wish with a significant discount at the auction.

Selling or buying goods, personal and real property at Dimoprasia auctions is absolutely safe. Unlike other well-known Scandinavian auctions, your profit is guaranteed, because the auction rules do not envisage a loss zone. For instance, when bidding, you are guaranteed to get your prize at the auction price, if you are the last bidder.

In addition, here, you can sell or buy real estate in Cyprus, for instance, a building plot for your house, townhouse or villa. By the way, buying real estate in Cyprus is profitable, because this country has excellent living conditions, mild climate, excellent investment conditions and the lowest prices in Europe, as well as a loyal tax system.

The only existing risk is that you may pay for an item more than its real market price or sell it at a lower price. However, it is an auction, and it is your choice!

Registration at Dimoprasia Auctions

Only registered and authorized users can participate in the auction. To get registered at the auction, please go to the Main Page and click “Register”. In the registration form, you will be asked to provide required personal and contact data, so that we would be able to inform you about your prize at the auction and its delivery terms, or about selling your item. User registration at the Dimoprasia website is free.

We are interested in increasing popularity of our Cyprus auction site Dimoprasia, that is why we constantly work on its updating, periodically have interesting and profitable deals, and offer bonuses. Due to all that, our users can buy necessary items even cheaper. The Dimoprasia auction system works in an automatic regime, and our team of professionals works on its improvement based on comments from our users. We are trying to make our auction project the best for all internet users, including those living in Cyprus or willing to get Cyprus citizenship or residence permit.

Our Dimoprasia auctioning project is trying to ensure confidentiality of users’ personal data and their safety in the auctioning process. Our team treats each client with due attention and provides, upon request, any information necessary for comfortable participation in the auction. Our consultants will answer any questions related to auctioning and using the Dimoprasia website.

We hope that users of our auctioning project will appreciate safety measures introduced at our web site, and our partnership will be fair, mutually beneficial, reliable and long-term.

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